God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, 
Courage to change the things I can 
and the wisdom to know the difference.

If you want to add or remove someone to the list, simply email me at  

If you haven't time to pray for everyone individually, you can say a general prayer for everyone on the list.

Please let us know when it is time to take someone off this list.

We welcome your stories of healing. Thank you


Cynthia Harris 

Ken Keene



Lucille Quinn 

Susan Madagan  

Tara Berbit 


Trish's mom 

Ellen Piper


Susan Madagan



jae Valente

Ina Tisch
Melita Gordeev
​Sue Thompson
Chris Korben

​Michele Marshall


Dick, Stacy & Paul & Kirk
​Dodie Butler
Marlene, Brian's MOM

Elaine for a non-hostile environment.  
Michael Carone

Michael for healing
Chuck M.
Dee R.

Theo S.
Michael needs prayers for kidney problems
Patrick Gannon, Denise Gannon, Dara Gannon,Sean Gannon

     Sean was a police officer in Yarmouth, Please pray that God will hold Pat, Denise         and Dara in his loving and healing arms as they continue their journey without             Sean.

Judy - for peace and healing.

Prayers for Elaine for finding full time work in a non-hostile environment.  

Joanne Friday​

​Debbie Boisseau

The Linkous family

Ann Dunlap: Prayers for Her very Highest Good
John in Illinois, stage 4 cancer
Maddie Colon, trying to recover from muscular/skeletal damage from statin drugs
Rich M, heart surgery 
Kathy M, upcoming knee surgery
Our country’s administration to find bipartisan peaceful solutions 
Ed’s shoulder and knee

Peter Ough for a miracle that he has healing and a peaceful and happy life for a long time as long as he is well and not in pain. 
Michelle, Elizabeth, and Simon Ough for prayers of courage and strength during this horrible time. 
​Linda for healing from ALS

​Louie L. from Revere, MA​

Jay and Sandy Rosner for coping with Jay’s terminal cancer


​Barry Shavrick for a complete and speedy recovery

Jeremy Slagle wishing love, happiness, contentment, financial security, inner peace and calm

Sheila Barry for healing

​Shirley Ramsey

​Jane Winston

​Beth for healing

Kathleen Kelleher for complete wholeness and to have the mindset that she is safe with God and that God is healing her now.
Complete wholeness for:
Margaret Fasulo
Steven Rich Jr
Jim Kelleher
Patti Rich
Bill Kelleher
Laura Kelleher
Jared Kelleher
Mark DeMello for depression, schizophrenia, and a brain injury. 


​​Scott, that he has a safe and smooth drive to Michigan

Paige Brodie 

Stanley Macomber

Connor and his paralyzed Frenchie Mac who was paralized after back surgery.

​Lindsley and Vern Hill 

Marshall Turner

Jordan Ruppert to get over the 😷 flu.
Ed Ruppert
Zachary Ruppert to get well.


Mark S - Drug Addiction Traci N - Drug AddictionShari S - Peace and Prosperity

Joanne Friday for prayers and envisioning  clarity!

​Maria for healing
Donald Trump​

Janet Griffard 

Steve for healing prayers to be sent his way.


Carol's daughter who is having severe headaches

​Mom McKinnon 


M for success with attempts to not lose all her hair and for good health



​Tabitha and Brittany for weight loss and abundance.

Patrick, Joe, and Brady for abundance

 Ronald for addictions

Merriam to get her new house,

Rebekah for abundance and healing for kidney cysts.

USA. .💗

Robin H. for healing

 A prayer for my adult children their spouses and children for bianca & jesus to get the help they need to maintain their sacred marriage. same thing for my daughter and her husband And for me to not allow their problems to bring me down
 and for my other son to get a job to help us with the bills. we are struggling financially. 

Joyce Clark


May Debbie accept things as they are and trust  and  2)  relieve the anger and judgement from her heart and replace it with love and commitment 
Judi Siskind
Michelle Hurley Dinu
Myrna Schultz

​Beth and her newborn beauty 

Molly has brain cancer and is waiting for stem cell treatment. ​​

Ruth, please add me & my children & their dad to the prayer list. We have been financially dependent on him due to my health problems, and he lost his job for the 2nd time in 14 mos. and then a week later had a stroke. It was very serious & he's in bad shape & will be unable to work for a very long time, if ever. Meanwhile, me & my children have no income. We need prayers. Thank you!

Krista Ramonas


​Jessica S who needs Gods blessings ​​
Julie Davis

​For my son Nick..that he see the light

Brandon for health recovery
Lyn's friend who is facing surgery for colon cancer on Thursday 

​Cheri Maples

Nephew G get a job he loves by November 1, 2016
​ Robert age 93 with alzheimer's

Cecilia 98 who is very sad.
 ​Steve with newly discovered serious Cancer, for peace, accurate diagnosis, right treatment, and excellent outcome. 

​Dustin Pratt that he may be safe, find peace and draw closer to God while in jail.

Gail Giblo for a quick recovery

Debbie for a quick positive answer

Judy for a safe and wonderful adventure

Annie Millar Desmond



​KT Huntington and her family 


Moira S

​Joyce for healing

Marianne and Kurt for good health

Pat Glass

Diane Glass

Mary Glass


​Dorna Allen

Diana Richard
Ruthie Villiard-Richard

Angel, her fiancé, Jerry, my 3 > Great-grandchildren, Trinity, Trevor, and Tristyn. Jerry is struggling with > alcohol addiction which harms their family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~will remove names below in 2 weeks
Dr. Michael Vignogna 
Heather, who has chosen to estrange herself from everyone who loves her.
Julie for good night sleeps

Margaret M. Fasulo for her success with chemo

Carol Craig


Nancy Vail to gather the courage to make a change in my job and for the ability to forgive.  



Sandra for strength and faith during this difficult time


Nan, Lori, Les and Alphy, all suffering friends

Trish Tinsley 




 Al who has Alzheimer’s  and for me his caregiver for more patience and understanding.

Daniel Brady

Linda Weiner 

Jim:  Gone from my arms into God's on Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Wendy Akeson 

 Linda Meyerholz  

Beth and her lovely newborn 

Frank G for Parkinsons and urinary tract problems. 

Gemma Garfinkle and her family

Kurt, Jr and his daughters, Brooke Anna and Summer Lea 

Denise MinerLibbey Peck
Carol Craig
Zachary Ruppert to come home a changed  young man. 
Charlie D'Entrone. May his passing be quick and pain free. 
Elaine Ruppert. May her eye surgeries be worth it. 
Nat Shanks

 Chamma Skipper for healing prayers for heart aneurysm, 

Pat G for racing pulse and back problems,

Sara for financial independence from her parents

Barbara Jones for neuropathy in her legs.

Paul, that he will be healed from addiction and discover the wonderful world, though scary at first, of recovery.
Scott D
Tara Berbit 

 Lucille Quinn 

Please let us know when it is time to take someone off the list



Tara Berbit

Mark S - Drug Addiction Traci N - Drug AddictionShari S - Peace and Prosperity  Cynthia Harris